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WordPress design knoxville has become an amazing tool that allows its users to create virtually any type of presence on the web. WordPress has become so popular, because it is widely supported, and there are tons of plugins available, allowing its users the ability to do almost anything that they could ever wish to accomplish. WordPress is based on standard web design, but it also leverages a MySQL database, so that a lot of content can be organized and called upon when needed.

So why would you want to use WordPress instead of simply building a similar site yourself? For one thing, the learning curve is steep. Unless you know PHP, html and CSS, you are going to have a hard time making the site do what you want it to, and making it look how you want it to. Another reason is that WordPress is open source. This means that it is free, and that it is constantly being updated and free. There are literally thousands of plugins available to enhance your WordPress site. Most are free, and some with extended functionality cost money.

A lot of people and businesses use WordPress to build a community or a fan following for their company. With WordPress, you can do some very advanced things fairly easily. You can create a membership website with different membership levels, you can create an e-commerce website and sell products in an online store, or you can write daily articles or thoughts on any subject across the board. You can feed in information and posts from other websites, and can really organize and display a lot of content with hardly any trouble at all. That is why WordPress is considered to be a Content Management System, or CMS.

Using G Squared Studios’ custom WordPress Design services will enable you to get the functionality that you want and need, with custom functionality created to suit your needs. Do you have 500 products and want to create an online store? By leveraging WordPress and a MySQL database, you can have a fully functioning e-store with a live shopping cart. With payment services like Paypal, once one of your products or services have been purchased, you can simply transfer the money straight into your business account, safely and securely.