Clever Logos With Hidden Imagery You Likely Never Noticed

by Dec 28, 2016Graphic Design, Marketing

Clever Logos Get Attention

It wasn’t until I became a graphic designer that I started to take notice of the graphics and logos around me. Even after a couple of years of school, I never realized that some logos had hidden images and dual meanings built right in. When I finally did realize this, you can imagine that my mind was officially blown. I decided to put together a collection of clever logos with dual imagery you probably never noticed before.

Tostitos Logo Design Knoxville


I don’t know if it’s your favorite snack, but with a little nacho cheese and salsa, it’s one of mine. I bet you didn’t notice the 2 figures and the bowl of salsa in the middle. On the bag, it’s easy to miss because of the colorful patterns and designs all over it.

Toblerone clever logos hidden bear


I don’t ever remember eating a Toblerone, but it does have a cool hidden image if you look closely. you’ll find a bear on the left side. That’s cool!

Baskin Robbins Knoxville Logo design

Baskin Robbins

Everyone knows about the 31 flavors. Honestly, I think they have some of the best ice cream out there, if you can find them. If you look at the pink letters, they create 31, which stands for the 31 flavors, and that’s built in to the lettering of their business name. This is definitely how you create effective, clever logos.

Goodwill logo design in Knoxville


Many people notice the smiling face of the Goodwill logo. However, not many people notice that it’s actually a cropped lowercase g. Simple, but effective.

Pittsburgh logo design

Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium

This has to be one of my favorite logos of all time. The lion and the gorilla formed by the negative space are pure genius. You really can’t beat it. What’s funny is that it seems like every zoo and museum are following closely behind. However, nothing is as good as the original.

Elefont logo design positive negative


Using 2 elephant trucks made out of positive and negative space to create the letter e is a stroke of genius. It is easy to read, simple and really effective.

Hyundai logo design Knoxville Tennessee


I didn’t notice this for a long time, but the h and it’s tilt are supposed to be a handshake shared between a salesman and a buyer. It’s abstract, but that is what it is supposed to represent.

Northwest logo design meaning

Northwest Airlines

This one is pretty subtle, but using positive and negative space, you can see an n and a w, but the triangle also points like a compass towards northwest.

Why are unique logos so important?

It’s simple. Now that you’ve seen and learned of their hidden meanings, you’ll never forget them. They may be direct. Some may be abstract, but they all mean something specific to the business they represent. If you can hire a logo designer that can pull off something unique and special, giving your business a solid, timeless logo, it’ll help your business grow, while bringing you recognition. You’ll also get a lot of longevity out of it, keeping you from having to rebrand too often. Clever logos are simple, but smart and effective.