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Why Online Forms are Important on Every Business Website

Online forms, or web forms, are electronic forms that allow users to feed data onto a website. They can be used to collect valuable information about visitors to a website such as their preferences, likes, Internet usage, or their personal details. They resemble paper forms, but with the advantage of being more efficient, fast, and […]

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21 Ways to Improve Your Website Tremendously

A website should be like a well-oiled machine. But with any machine, there’s always a tune up or a tweak that can make it run faster or make it more efficient. If you approach your website with the mindset that something can always be better, you’ll get into the habit of trying improve your website. […]

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Website Links Explained: Types of Links to and From Your Site

Types of Website Links It’s no secret that your website’s structure and content are major factors for getting your website ranked in search engines. You have to have just the right mix of ingredients to make your SEO recipe taste good. While most people focus on backlinks to their website, there are different types of […]

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Which SEO Services Will Help Your Business The Most

Most businesses know the importance of SEO, or search engine optimization. The end results are high rankings in search engines, and that’s what everyone is after. The whole point is to get more customers buying your products or walking through the door to your business. With all of the different types of SEO services out […]

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The Importance of An Ongoing Social Media Strategy

If you really want to success in bringing in new business, you need to do 3 things well. You need to conquer online search, social media, and the traditional method of word of mouth. Those 3 things will help your business to grow and spread the word. The main focus in this post will be […]

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Modern Web Design Elements To Use in a Great Business Website

What Are Modern Web Design Elements? With web design trends constantly changing, it seems tough to keep up with the latest things to integrate into your website. My focus in on modern web design elements that never get old. These elements focus on clarity and user experience, over flashy features. Let’s explore this in more […]

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Website Builder Woes: Why They Don’t Hurt My Business

A Free Website Builder? When someone says you can make your own website, it sounds like a great deal. This is especially if you have a low budget, or you’re just starting out. As a web designer, I am often asked “I bet you hate those free website builders don’t you?” What’s funny is that […]

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