Essential Logo Buying Tips for Building a Strong Brand

by Sep 20, 2017Graphic Design, Marketing

Logo Buying Tips

Every business needs a high quality logo. This is true whether you’re just starting out as a small business, or you’ve been in business for years. The hardest part about hiring a graphic designer to design a logo for your business is where to start. A quality logo is one of the essential building blocks of developing a successful brand. Let’s take a look at few logo buying tips that will help to make your logo design project more successful. research logos

Know your likes and dislikes

It is important to get an idea of the types of logos that you like. It’s good to look around at different logo examples in your industry. If you notice that a lot of your competitors have similar logos, you’ll want to focus on something that helps you stand out. Also, if you already have an idea of what you’re looking for, you can communicate that idea much better to your designer.

logo buying tips - know your likes

Be ready to give your input

Logo designers need feedback. It’s important to get your input during the design process. This will make it easier for the designer to give you what you want. You’ll be much happier with the resulting logo if you’ve taken the time to steer the designer in the right direction.

Look for a designer that matches your style

Many creatives have their own particular style. You can get an idea of their style from looking at their portfolio. Most designers has online portfolios. Browse their website ahead of time to see if you like their style. It will be easier for them to deliver something that you like, if their style matches the design style that you’re looking for in your own logo. Some designers will be better at designing minimal, modern logo designs. Other designers may be great at creating vintage logos. It’s good to seek out a designer that matches your particular taste.

This simpler a logo can be, the better

The whole point of an effective logo is for it to be memorable. If your logo is too complicated or it contains too many details, it will be tasks for your audience to remember. I personally try to leave out any extra ornamentation that isn’t needed. I strip away all unnecessary elements in order to make my logo designs as simple as possible. Think of the Apple with the bite out of it, or the golden arches for McDonald’s. Also, this simpler logo is, the easier it is to expand upon it.

Don’t create your logo based on fads or trends

It’s especially important to remember not to leverage current trends to create your logo. This may be a rudimentary example, but if you were to use tie-dye and 60s style type, this look what appear to be outdated. Just because a style is popular right now, it doesn’t mean that it will be popular in six months. The key to an effective brand is consistency. If you have to change your logo in six months because it looks outdated, your logo did not have a long shelf life.

Cheaper does not equal better

The old saying goes “you get what you pay for”. This is especially true in logo design. If a designer is not charging much, they aren’t likely to spend enough time to make sure that you’re getting a quality product. This isn’t always 100% the case, but it’s a likely scenario. Most designers that charge more actually include more features and their logo design packages.

Some designers have different logo design packages. It’s important to take note of this when browsing their website. If you know what you need ahead of time, you can pick the logo design package that is right for your business. With these logo buying tips, you’ll get everything that your business needs in one complete package, and for one price.

Ask for variations

Some logos are longer or wider than others, while some logos are taller than others. If your logo is extremely wide or tall, you might ask for a variation of your logo that will fit better in a square format. The reason this is important is because social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter use square images for their profile pictures. It helps to have a couple of slight variations of your logo to fit different formats.

Ask for different file types

When you get your new logo, you’re going to want to put that logo everywhere. The problem is that different platforms require different file formats. For example, you’ll likely need an EPS file for print. However, if you’re including your logo on your website, you will need a transparent PNG file. You’ll want a JPG file for those social media profile pictures. If you’re going to be using your logo and different print projects at different sizes, you will want a vector graphics file format, such as in Adobe Illustrator file. This will enable you to use your logo on small objects like business cards, up to large places such as billboards without losing image quality. Vector graphics are infinitely scalable.


Hiring a designer to create a logo for your business can be an intimidating experience. The logo buying tips above should help you to get the best results. If you walk into the situation knowing what you want, as well as what you need, you’ll be more likely to get the results you are looking for. Remember to focus on quality, simplicity, and flexibility and you will have a logo that will last you a long time and build brand recognition for years to come.