SOPA: destruction of freedom and small businesses

by Jan 18, 2012Business, freelancing, Marketing

SOPA issues

SOPA: Control in the wrong hands

I am sure you all have heard about SOPA and its intent to stop online piracy. Honestly, this whole initiative disgusts me. I understand piracy and plagiarism is a serious problem, but you can’t punish the majority for the sake of just a few scenarios. The bill gives the government and major corporations the power to censor websites, and it gives the wrong people too much power. Imagine a world where the government or major corporations can control what websites can be shown and which ones are taken down.

Land of the free?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a patriot at heart. I have lived in the U.S. my entire life and I love the land of the free with all of my heart (My father fought in Vietnam), but this bill is taking away our freedom. I agree that online piracy is a problem, but SOPA is not the way to stop it. Infringement is an issue between a company or entity, and the person that committed the offense. That is an issue where the courts and our legal system should be involved, not where someone can simply have someone else’s site blacklisted.

The bill’s intentions are to stop piracy, but where does the control stop? Imagine a web where you could no longer find out consumer reviews and truthful information about products. If companies could have a site blacklisted, who is to say they wouldn’t have one removed or blocked for giving their products a bad review? There would no longer be any consumer reports, no reviews, and anyone on the internet would live in constant fear of being sued or removed, or facing legal penalties.
This bill could have a major effect on our entire economy. People are making fortunes overnight with start-ups, and this bill would hinder, if not crush, those endeavors. Small businesses that compete with larger businesses could be censored, just because the larger businesses have more money and could possibly manipulate the system. Just because the larger corporation has money, they could control the market! We all know that no system is perfect, and many companies wouldn’t hesitate to leverage the new bill to their advantage. The market is supposed to be an even playing field, but big businesses could ruin that with this bill. The market has to be fair for everyone, but small businesses could miss out on advertising, marketing, and revenue from the possibility of having their website blacklisted.
It is our right as American citizens to be able to voice our opinions, and speak our minds. The internet is our place to voice our opinions, be creative, connect with others, entertain ourselves, find information and so much more, but if SOPA is passed, it could very well be the end of that freedom as we know it. The next thing we know, you won’t be able to say anything negative about the government without being arrested, talk radio and news broadcasts will be censored, and our democracy will turn into a dictatorship. This is America, and we are supposed to be free, and we are supposed to have the right to free enterprise, without fear of censorship or penalties from a controlling entity.
This is an important matter that affects us all. If you want the freedom that you deserve, you will not sit by and allow this bill to pass. Free enterprise and small businesses will suffer under this bill. The internet is huge, and can make or break small businesses and individuals. Many of us make a living with our websites, but that is all at risk with a bill like SOPA, where control is placed in the wrong hands. Write your congressman, spread the word, and let’s fight this bill, so we all can continue to have the freedom that our forefathers have fought so hard for.