Why Web Design is Important to Your Business

by Mar 21, 2013Web design

Web Design is Extremely Important

Many businesses like to put themselves out there to see how well they will do. Some businesses will throw together a logo, or sometimes even just lettering. Cost is always a concern, and that applies to any business, but you should also consider starting out on the right foot. Some businesses will succeed, no matter what their logos or design looks like. This is usually attributed to the quality of their products or services, and their word of mouth marketing. However, when you are just starting out, it can be hard to get found by potential customers. This is where quality web design comes in.

Why is Web Design So Important?

So many people have a website these days. That’s because it is such an essential tool for your business. It’s almost nonsensical not to have one. Its is a beacon for business, and a website isn’t that expensive to own and to host. After the initial cost of building a website, it is like a free 24/7 employee that is always there to accept inquiries, answer questions, and showcase your products or services. Your website is the cheapest employee that you will ever pay, and probably the hardest working one.

How Does Good Web Design Help Your Business?

Good web design helps your business to look its best all day everyday. When you have a quality website that is well done, your business looks more professional and more established. Imagine that you are looking on the web for a professional service, such as remodeling for your home. When you go to a site that looks unorganized and outdated, you are immediately skeptical about the quality of their work. When you come across a well designed website, that follows good web design practices, you immediately feel that the business is more trustworthy. If you back up quality web design with client testimonials, visual examples or samples of your work, and everything is clean, friendly, inviting, and easy to find, then you are much more likely to actually contact that business. it just makes sense. Your website speaks volumes about your business. If you won’t take the time to create a quality business website, the idea that you place in your potential customer’s minds is “I wonder how else they cut corners? Are they a real business? How do I know that I can trust them?”

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So what is considered quality web design?

Quality web design means that your site is built well, with the latest in technology. Your site is optimized for the web, it loads fast, and it is responsive. Responsive web design means that your site is structured to bend and flex to look great on a desktop monitor, a tablet, and a mobile device, such as a smart phone, at the same time. The site will also be easy to use, intuitive, and well organized. If you have products, they will be broken down into categories, so that they are easy to find. if you provide services, they will be broken down so that they are easy to find. A website created with quality web design principles will harness the power of Search engine optimization techniques. This means that your site uses keywords, meta descriptions, outbound links (to other sites) that are relevant, and that your images are tagged with proper keywords. There is a lot more that goes into quality SEO, but that is the gist of how it works. When your site is properly optimized for search engines, then relevant customers will be able to find you much easier, and you will appear higher in the search list. Statistics show that most people don’t go past the 1st page on Google before they call a business and find what they are looking for. This means that you want to be as high in the search query as possible.


A website is about much more than looking pretty. It has to work well and support the content. On top of that, a quality website showcases the best aspects of your business and is a major tool in convincing customers to make the leap and give you a call. Not many people can afford to employ people all day everyday to promote your business. However, your website does that, and essentially sets your business on guided autopilot. Customers can find you and find the products or services that they are looking for. Quality web design is essential for any business, large or small, young or established.