8 Things Google Analytics can tell you about your website

by May 1, 2019SEO, Web design

Almost every business today is online. The easy and extensive use of the internet has allowed many businesses to go online. It becomes hard to keep track of your website once you are in business. To help you in website analysis, Google offers a free of cost feature which is called Google Analytics, and ‘oh my Google!’ This is precisely what I needed!

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a feature of Google which helps you analyze your website by keeping track of your customers and website auditing. You can access it by creating your account on this incredible digital analytic software and entering a piece of code on your website.

Once, your website is added to Google Analytics. It starts working right away!

8 Things Google Analytics can tell you about your website

Let’s make our lives easier by efficiently getting data from Google Analytics. There are plenty of things that GA can tell you about your website such as:

  1. Demographics

One thing which you can never keep track of yourself is the audience demographics! Google Analytics helps you analyze the demographics of your customer. No other software can provide you such valuable information for free, but with GA, you can enjoy this feature without any cost.

You can find out:

  • Age

You can know the ages of your visitors who are visiting your website on a daily basis. By analyzing the ages, you can create strategies suitable for every age group.

  • Gender

Google Analytics can help you tell the percentage of male and female visitors you are getting on your website. It is evident that a sports website will have more male visitors than a lingerie website with female visitors at its peak!

Google Analytics location

  • Location

I find it very interesting how Google Analytics helps us to know the locations of our customers. You can understand from which geographical area they belong, and even the country and cities names! Location-based customers can also help you to upgrade your website accordingly.

  • Interest

Google analytics gives one more amazing demographic feature. You can know what things your visitors are interested and why are they on your website. You can see the interest of your customers from various categories like sports, shopping, apparels, massage & spa, computer and electronics, food and drinks, travel and tourist destination and so on!

device breakdown on Google analytics

  • Device

You can even know which device your visitor is using!


Isn’t Google Analytics doing Abracadabra to your website? GA can tell you what type of device your visitor is using. By clicking to the device section, you can quickly analyze different devices and upgrade your website accordingly.

  1. Internal site search

Internal site search helps you know about visitor’s search queries once they are on your website. It’s a simple feature that can help you understand what your customers are searching on your website.

You may have many landing pages on your website, let’s say that your customer wants to purchase a bag from your website and types ‘bag’ in the search bar, a list of all the bags will be in front of him!

Site search can help you improve your website in many ways. Once, you will know what does your visitor want; you can add the desired product/service and make that visitor a ‘customer.’

  1. Bounce rate

Data analysis can also help to know the bounce rate of your website. A bounce rate is a feature which enables you to analyze the number of customers who visited your website but bounced back due to some reason.

The bounce rate ranges from 1-100, and for a good website it is necessary to have a low bounce rate. Bounce rate can help you improve your web pages, and you can keep the bounce rate low by creating good content, giving a variety of features, creative graphics, and call to action buttons.

engaging content on Google analytics

  1. Engaging content

Everyone knows that good content can attract plenty of customers. Google Analytics can help you identify which pages on your website are doing great with their content and which of the pages are doing worse.

By knowing the content-driven traffic on your website, you can have a clear idea of what type of content your visitors are appreciating. Similarly, less driven traffic on certain pages can allow you to play with the content creatively. Hence, by knowing the average time on the page your visitors are spending, you can analyze the room of improvement.

traffic sources in Google Analytics

  1. Source of traffic

Google Analytics can tell you the source of online traffic on your website. A website audit becomes more interesting if you how much organic growth you are having or how many customers you are getting from social media platforms.

Your content can play a significant role in driving search engine traffic, but it is not enough in this competitive era. People promote their work to different social media platforms to gain more traffic to grow their business.

By knowing the source of your traffic, whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc., you can understand how much you have to spend on certain platforms.

  1. Synchronized data with other tools

You can integrate other tools and applications with Google Analytics to get better results. For instance, Google Adwords, if combined with Google Analytics, can be the best combination to get massive traffic.

  1. Customized analysis

What if I say that you can get so many features all for free and can even customize your website analysis report?

Isn’t it interesting?

Google analytics gives you the option of customizing things like dashboards, audit reports, editorial calendar, setting goals, and creating filters at various levels.

  1. Digital app

Google Analytics allows you to download its app from the Google Play Store. You can do website analysis anywhere anytime you want with the help of its mobile app. It can save you time and hassle if you are away from your laptop and want to keep track of your visitors.

Google Analytics: Conclusion

Google Analytics is a way to get a close insight into your website by not spending a single penny on the data analysis software. You can give a boost to your business by focusing on little details which no other data management software can provide you.