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Get Found.

Already used by many different businesses, in many different industries. Get listed in general directorie, and industry-specific directories. Every online business directory that you’re listed in is like another sales funnel pointing to your website. It funnels in people looking for the exact products and services you are providing.

Good For SEO.

It seems like everyone is trying their hardest to get to the top of the search engines. Online business directories are trusted by Google, so a link from them is a good signal to Google that you are trusted and a legitimate business. Getting listed in a lot of online directories is a great way to build white hat (good) links to your website.


What people say.

Since getting my law firm listed in many different directories, I have seen an increase in business generated from my website.

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James Friauf

I have worked with G Squared Studios over the past year and find them to be highly-skilled, responsive, creative and thorough. I will continue to work with them because their work is top-notch.

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Rick Laney

Very knowledgeable about SEO and web design. I am seeing results from their efforts already and it’s only been one month. Thanks for everything!


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Kevin Phillips

Pick the best plan for you



  • Do it Yourself
  • 15 mins+ per listing
  • Time away from business
  • 0% Efficiency


  • 50 directories
  • 100% Hands off
  • 0 Industry Directories
  • Good Foundation


  • 200 Directories
  • 100% Done-For-You
  • 20+ Industry Directories
  • Best For Seo