CSS3 Menu Free Download

by Dec 15, 2011CSS, Web design

CSS3 Menu example

CSS3 Menu Free Download.

I have created a CSS3 Menu, complete with CSS3 gradients. Customize the code for your own project, adding your own colors. There are no images included, as it was created completely with CSS3 code. Some prefer not to go this route, so I am going to create a version with images for download within the next couple of days. Above is a screenshot of the menu. Customizing the Menu is easy if you know the RGBa method, or you can view some tutorials. Otherwise, this is a good base for your project. If you want the menu to be taller, or not so tall, remember to change the height and the line-height for both the menus and sub-menus, or you will get undesired results.


Download the Pure CSS3 MENU now