Google Optimize is Now Free For Testing Your Business Website

by Sep 10, 2018Web design

What is Google Optimize?

Google Optimize is derived from Google Optimize 360, which is an A/B testing platform for enterprises, or large companies. There was a huge demand for the platform for smaller businesses, so Google released a free version, simply called Google Optimize.

ab testing with Google Optimize

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is where you make small tweaks or changes to your website, and text the results. For example, on a sales page, you might have a green checkout button, but you might test a blue checkout button. Then, you would review the results to see which one performed better. If your blue checkout button resulted in more sales, then you would definitely want to change the button from green to blue permanently.

Companies are always taking costs into consideration. Most small businesses don’t have the funds or knowledge to optimize their websites with A/B testing. The great thing about Google Optimize is that in integrates with Google Analytics. This means if you’re already using Analytics, you can just add a line of code, and you’ll be able to use Google Optimize, too.


Another advantage to using Google Optimize is that it has a visual editor. This means you can visually add changes to your website without having to hire someone to do it. You can run A/B tests and view the results inside of Google Analytics.

You can also set up custom urls so your tests run on the right people at the right time. Google Optimize will also calculate all of the results for you. These results will help you make decisions, based on the metrics you care about. If you care about pageviews, you can optimize for that. If you care about purchases, you can optimize for those.

Website Optimization is Important

If your website is getting steady traffic and you’re getting sales, but you could get a significant amount more from making a small change or two, it makes sense to do so. A few more sales may not sound like a lot, but if you look at it in percentages or bigger numbers, it’s a huge boost for your business. If you made millions of dollars per month from your website, but you could make 20% more from changing a couple of things on your website, it would definitely be worth it. Google Optimize gives you all of the tools necessary to optimize your website like a pro.

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