Which SEO Services Will Help Your Business The Most

by Sep 27, 2017SEO

Most businesses know the importance of SEO or search engine optimization. The end results are high rankings in search engines, and that’s what everyone is after. The whole point is to get more customers buying your products or walking through the door to your business. With all of the different types of SEO services out there,  which Knoxville SEO company will provide services that benefit your business the most? Which services are right for your business?

Citations (Also called directory listings)

Citations, or directory listings, are where your business is listed in online directories. The idea is that if your business is a real, legitimate business, you should be listed in business directories. You want to have a good mix of general online listings, and a mix of industry-specific directories. You want to make sure the business name, address, and phone number are correct and consistent across all listings. The added benefit of these listings is that you get a lot of authority backlinks pointed to your website. These are natural, and effective, too.

Another added benefit of directory listings is that some people actually end up on the directory websites. If your business is listed there, you might end up with a new customer. It’s a good way to drive leads to your doorstep. These SEO services can directly bring new customers in.

Maps Services

This is mainly targeted with Google, but it’s the goal of a lot of businesses to end up in what is called the snack pack. This is the mini-map, which contains 3 top businesses in your area for a particular search term. The way to wind up here is usually through a lot of reviews from your customers. If possible, you want those reviews to be possible, and they should be through your Google My Business page.

YouTube Video Ranking

I mentioned a long time ago that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. You’d be surprised how much traffic YouTube can send your business. Your video can wind up in regular search results, and you can actually be ranked for competitive terms that drive leads to your business.

Services that help with this usually focus on quality titles, descriptions, and driving social traffic for activity and votes. There are all types of services for ranking videos, and depending on your business, it can bring you a lot of new leads.

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Website Audits (Technical SEO)

One of the biggest things holding a website back from ranking higher in search engines is technical aspects. You want to make sure that your page titles, title tags, alt tags, and meta descriptions are all in place. You want to make sure that your page ticks all of the boxes, with quality content that is well written and easy to read.

Website audits will go through and show you all of the technical aspects of your website that can be improved. It will also reveal important issues with your sites, such as duplicate titles, orphan pages, and broken links. All of these things should be cleaned up and will help you to naturally have a better search presence.

Guest Blogging (Backlink Building)

If you want a natural way to build high authority backlinks for your business, guest blogging is the way to go. The deal is that you provide a high-quality blog post, which includes a do-follow backlink in your bio. Dofollow links pass authority, or “link juice” to your website for the anchor text in your link. If you can build enough high-quality backlinks to your website, you’ll eventually overtake the competition for search rankings.

With all of the different SEO services out there, it’s tough to know which ones will benefit your business the most. The list above is a good guideline of what to focus on. The first place to start is a good foundation, which is a well-built, optimized website. Then, the other items build on top of that.

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