Understrap: Bootstrap 4 Meets Underscores WordPress Theme

by Sep 4, 2017Web design

Understrap: Bootstrap 4 Meets Underscores WordPress Theme

by Sep 4, 2017

Understrap: a Boostrap 4 Responsive WordPress Theme Framework

There are tons of responsive frameworks out there. 2 of the most popular are Bootstrap and Foundation, so web developers like to create WordPress themes based on these frameworks to make development easier. A standardized system is a good way to set up your development workflow. Enter Understrap, a Combination of Bootstrap 4 and WordPress to help you develop gorgeous responsive WordPress themes. Let’s take a look at the features of Understrap, and why you might consider it as your framework of choice.

About UnderStrap

Twitter Bootstrap recently upgraded to version 4. Boostrap was already a great system, but Bootstrap 4 made it even better and more streamlined. Understrap is actually a combination of Underscores, the “best practices” starter theme by Automattic and Twitter Bootstrap. Automattic is the company behind WordPress, and Underscores is the starter theme of choice for many developers. So what’s so great about Understrap?

Child Theme ready

Understrap is child theme ready, meaning you can create your own child theme, built on top of a rock-solid framework.

Jetpack ready

I typically don’t use Jetpack, but a lot of people swear by it. I always felt like it was a little bloated, so I avoided it. However, if you want to use Jetpack, Understrap will tie into it seamlessly.

WooCommerce support

WooCmmerce is a great ecommerce solution for WordPress. Having Understrap ready to go out of the box to work with it makes it easier to develop ecommerce child themes.

Open Source

Open source is a big deal, because it’s not proprietary. This is important for taking it and using it as a framework for your own themes. You can add to it, strip things from it, and pretty much do whatever you like, within reason.

It utilizes SASS

Understrap uses its own SASS files. Makes it easy to replace colors, fonts, styles etc.

It Comes With Gulp as a Task Runner

Understrap comes with a pre-made gulpfile.js with some default tasks. This makes it easy to compile SASS to CSS.

It Comes with Font Awesome

Most designers and developers like to have icons built into their theme. This makes it easy to customize and enhance the theme graphically.

It comes with a blank child theme!

Want a blank canvas to build your own gorgeous Bootstrap 4 website? It is build on UnderStrap and use it´s PHP files. However, it comes with it´s own styling capabilities. It is literally a blank canvas for you to style it and design it however you want.

For Those Who want a Pre-built Setup

If you want something already built and ready for you to embellish, there’s Core, UnderStraps premium child theme. At $16.61 USD, it’s not overly expensive, but as you can see from the screenshot and this demo, it’s gorgeous!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a killer combination of Bootstrap 4 and WordPress, Understrap is a great choice. It’s clean and streamlined, ready for you to build your WordPress theme on best practices. It includes everything you’d expect from a great framework, without a ton of bloat. What do you think about Understrap? Would you use it in your WordPress development projects?