Brilliant Poster Designs For Your Inspiration

by Jul 20, 2015Graphic Design, Marketing, Web design

Poster Designs That Get Attention

Poster Designs are one of the most effective ways to call attention to your business. It’s a great chance to get creative and really wow people. The reason that they are so effective is because their large format makes it easy to use flashy graphics, without worrying as much about being able to read it. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to be able to read every word of a poster, but the typographic isn’t as challenging, because you don’t have to worry about it being scaled down. We all need a dose of inspiration, so grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the inspiring and creative poster designs.

Racing Posters

racing poster - Brilliant Poster Designs

The geometric qualities of this poster design are impeccable. You really get a sense of depth and dimension from this piece.


DTS - Great Poster Design

This incredibly create poster uses color, texture, and effects to create a powerful promotional poster for the Breathe E-cig brand. Notice how the web address is emphasized with the mist effect.

Nature Posters – Birds

poster birds

This illustrated poster design is colorful, with an old-school pen and ink look.

Handmade SOL Beer Poster

handmade Sol Beer Poster - Brilliant Poster Designs

Believe it or not, this poster is completely hand painted. If you click the link in the title, you can see it in progress as it was painted.

Crimson Peak

crimson linework - Brilliant Poster Designs

This poster looks great, but the really impressive nature is in the details at a close range.. This piece looks like it was wood cut, and the linear qualities are astounding.

Aarhus Theatre Poster

aarhaus theatre poster

This theatre poster is done in a blocky style that I’ve never seen before. It’s completely original and I love it!

Astro Metal Front

astro metal

The mix of textures and effects are what make this piece stand out. If you look at a close up of the skull, there are layers of textures there.

Voltron Poster

voltron poster

Who doesn’t love Voltron? Not only does it have a bit of nostalgia, but it also has a geometric, dimensional look that stands out.

Pulp Fiction

pulp fiction

Say what again! Just kidding. I like the illustrated style of this poster, especially with the dramatic lighting.

Lito Imagen


This illustrated poster grabs your attention with the 3D octopus. it’s rendered so well it looks like it would crawl wight off the page.

Coca Cola 100 Years

coca cola 100 years

100 years of coke celebrates the iconic Coke bottle shape. This poster is brilliant, showing how the lines would be distorted when looking through the bottle.

Work = Play

work equals play

I love 3 dimensional type. While a little tough to read, I still love the effort.

Queens of Reggae Poster

queens of raegae

I love the illustrated, linear hair in this poster design. The colors, combined with the contour of the lines, really make this piece.

Official Avengers Age Of Ultron Art Show

avengers art show

This Avengers poster is great, with the textures and the deliberate brush strokes. Those two elements work together to make this poster design stand out.

Total Recall

total recall

This is a commissioned poster for The Total Recall movie. You really get a sense of space and Mars.

Lion Poster


All of these wonderful shapes and lines come together to create this lion portrait.

Dewars Ad

dewars ad

The photography and the textures make this poster so successful. The leather banners are a great touch.

Mad Max

mad max

You really get a foreboding sense from this poster design.

Woodford Reserve Cocktail

woodford reserve cocktail

These simple shapes come together to form a cohesive design that really sets the mood for this product.

Raleigh USA


All about bicycles, this Raleigh poster uses great textures, shadows and contrasting colors to stand out.

Psych Night

psych night

The wavy rays coming out from the sun and the great lighting on the alligator really make this piece mesmerizing. This is expert use of light and shadow.

Conclusion: 20 Great Poster Designs

These fantastic posters really get your attention. The most successful poster designs were the ones with careful attention to details. They show the vast amount of creativity and craftsmanship that goes into a great poster design. You’ve gotten the chance to see the work of some of the best graphic designers out there. Which of these posters is your favorite? Leave your response in the comments section below.