Free Device Mockup Psd Download

by Jul 21, 2015Graphic Design, Marketing, Photoshop, Web design

A Device Mockup Psd to Show Off your Work

It’s always important to show off your work. The presentation makes all the difference, which means you want to look your best at all times. That’s why more and more designers are taking screenshots of their work and dropping them into a mockup Psd that shows the viewer what it will look like on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Today’s free Psd file shows it on all 3 at the same time. Let’s take a look at my free device mockup Psd and how it works.

device mockup psd

Open up my free file in Photoshop and you’ll see 4 layers. you’ll find the background image, along with 3 other smart object layers. Each one of those are on top of the background layer. That it where you’ll drop in your screenshots. Double-click one of the smart object layers to bring up a temporary file. From that temporary file, you can paste or place the screenshot image. When you save that temporary file, it will automatically update that smart object layer. Repeat this for all 3 devices, and you’ll have your website design shown across a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone, all on one image. Just make sure that the image to import into the smart object fills the canvas of the temporary file. This will keep you from seeing any gaps or experiencing any troubles.

Download The Free Device Mockup Psd

My mockup psd is free to download and use in your projects. I have packaged it up into a handy zip file you can download. The goal is to make it easy to showcase your work in a print or online portfolio. A great presentation will mak a good design only appear that much more professional. Simply click the link below, enter your email address, and you’ll receive the file in your inbox shortly.

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