Google’s Project Beacon & Why It’s Good for Your Business

by Jul 20, 2018Business, Marketing, SEO

It was a day like any other in my office earlier this week, when I decided to go downstairs and check the mail. To my surprise, I had a package in my mailbox. I was a little puzzled, especially when I saw that it was from Google. Did I win the Google lottery? Sadly, no, but what was inside was still cool. It was a new beacon from Google’s Project Beacon.

Google Project Beacon

What is Google Project Beacon?

It’ for local businesses with a physical location and it’s meant to make your physical location a little more interactive with mobile users in your area. You place the beacon in the middle of your location, and it sends out a signal to nearby mobile users that have location services turned on.

When they are close to your beacon and search for a service related to your business, your business is more likely to show up in search results. Don’t worry; it doesn’t store visitor information. The device only sends out a signal. This type of feature is vital for Knoxville SEO.

Project Beacon Benefits

There are several benefits to having the location-based device in your venue. Google is on board with businesses taking advantage of these features:

  • Your business could have higher visibility on Google maps. The user has to opt in for location history, which is enabled by default on most devices.
  • Your business can allow user-generated content like reviews and photos to be connected with your venue.
  • Your business will display more accurate data, such as popular times and average time spent at your location.
  • It will also provide more accurate information about how people interact with your business at its location.

Project Beacon is easy to set up

You don’t even have to be tech savvy! It activates as soon as you take it out of the box. Also, the battery lasts for years, so you don’t have to worry much bout upkeep. You place it in the center of your location or near the front door. It has an adhesive pad, which sticks to any smooth surface. Finally, you go to the link they give you in the brochure that comes in the box. You click a couple of buttons and you’re ready to go.

Final thoughts

With mobile devices being the main way that we all interact with the world around us, it only makes sense that Google would jump on board with making it easier for us. It’s their goal to empower businesses and customers alike to interact digitally and stay connected like never before. Project Beacon is an automated way to get more reviews for businesses that are actually getting foot traffic. It also helps smaller businesses connect with new potential customers. The best part is that it’s free!

Interested in Project Beacon for your business? Contact us here or call (865)951-3077 and we can help you.