Great Headline Fonts For Instant Attention

by Jun 29, 2015Graphic Design, Marketing, Typography, Web design

Headline Fonts Are Only As Good As Their Application

It’s no secret that we’re constantly being bombarded by messages, ads, commercials, interruptions, emails, and everything else you can imagine. That makes it tougher than ever to stand out. Having your work stand out isn’t about how much you can cram into a design. It’s more about how you use negative space, color and contrast to call more attention to your message. One of the best ways to do that is by using the right headline fonts in your work. Over time, I have accumulated a great collection of headline typefaces, which I’ll share with you in this post.

Bevan - One of the best headline fonts


Bevan is an extra bold slab serif headline font. It has a strong base, which is great for a strong, dependable presence.

Homestead - great free headline fonts


Homestead is one of the most unique headline fonts6 I have come across. The reason is that it comes in different structures and fills, from a plaid patchwork, to a diagonal linear fill. You can mix, match and layer these for great effects.

Bebas neue

Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue is one of my absolute favorite headline fonts8. It has several weights, which give you a lot of options.


Novecento Wide

Novecento Wide is a geometric headline font that is easy to read. It looks great on posters and anything in an extra large format.


League Gothic

League Gothic has been one of my go-to headline fonts12 for years. It’s one I use regularly and couldn’t live without.



Chunkfive is one of the best free slab serif fonts out there. I’ve used it in headlines, posters and logos. For being such a thick typeface, it’s still easy to read.

3 Great Headline Fonts15

Check out these 3 headline fonts16. They all work in different type applications, making them useful and versatile.


Gobold - Excellent Headline fonts

Gobold has so many variations, that you could use it in just about anything. If you need a tall typeface for an attention-grabbing headline, Gobold is an excellent choice.



Primetime is a bold, wide headline and display typeface that has a strong sense of balance. It is bold, but still easily readable, making it great for any design that may be looked at from a distance. It would be great for signs or billboards, because it is tough to miss.

Aku & Kamu

aku & kamu - One of the boldest headline fonts

Aku & Kamu is an incredibly bold font, but it’s softer than Primetime. It’s more approachable and friendly. Like in the example above, you can help but to notice the lettering. I actually noticed the type before I saw the bike.



These headline fonts17 will get instant attention wherever you use them. Combine these fonts with bold colors, contrast and a great layout and you’ll maximize your effectiveness. I hope you enjoyed these fonts. Which one is your favorite? If you want to learn how to use them, I have put together an essential type guide, which will help you understand how type works and how to use it as a design element.


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