How I gained 100 Twitter Followers Easily Over The Weekend

by Nov 30, 2015Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media, Web design

100 twitter followers

100 Twitter Followers: My Strategy

I run several design blogs on the web, which are aimed at the general United States and beyond. Through created and sharing good content, they’ve kind of grown over time on their own. I started to wonder: “how many followers could I gain if I were a little more aggressive with my Twitter engagement?” This weekend, I decided to do a case study on how many Twitter followers I could gain with a few simple techniques. I’m going to share the results with you, as well as the techniques I used to get them.

General Social Media Info

I am a member of Hootsuite, and a Hootsuite Ambassador, too. I’ve used their product for a couple of years to grow and manage my social media accounts. The main reason I like it is because I can manage all of my accounts in one place. The other reasons vary, but being able to cross promote posts and piggyback off of my other accounts helps a lot.

Twitter Followers When I Started

The main account I decided to grow is my local web design business’s Twitter account. When I started this weekend, @gsquaredstudios only had 430 followers. I could have a lot more if I put some effort into it, so I cracked my knuckles and decided to implement a few simple strategies for success.

I interacted with People of Interest

I went through my home feed of people I was following. I looked through the different posts until I found a topic that interested me. Then, wait for it… I commented on it! I know, that sounds crazy, but interaction does go a long way. People like to see that you’re not just a spam bot. Have an opinion, and share it. When someone else writes a great post or shares good content, go read it. If it’s good, complement them on it. This brings me to my next point…

Retweet Other People’s Good Content

promote good content to gain Twitter followers

You don’t have to write a daily blockbuster post. That’s almost impossible, without a team of writers at your disposal. However, don’t be a hater. Compliment someone in your industry for writing something good. There’s a lot of fluff and a lot of crap out there, but when you find something good, promote it to your readers. That person is likely to follow you, just for the fact that you shared their stuff, plus you may get a chance to interact with them.

Share a Simple Thought That May Inspire Others

Are you a deep thinker? Maybe you came to a realization. Whatever the case may be, share it! That’s the kind of stuff people like. Life is rough, trust me I know. I had a tree fall on my house earlier this year (Everything is okay now). People appreciate a good, uplifting thought or words of encouragement.

Schedule Posts & Retweets

schedule tweets

I don’t know about you, but I run a business. I can’t sit in front of the computer all day and bang the keys on Twitter. If my schedule allows for it, I get on Hootsuite twice per day and engage with others. I’ll schedule retweets on people’s content, schedule posts promoting my own (about 20% of the time), and I’ll schedule thoughts or tidbits of info, a helpful fact, etc. Use the scheduler to your advantage. You can still be engaged with your users without having Twitter hard-wired into your arm like a cyborg. I gained the followers I did this weekend in between working on client work.

Be Genuine!

Don’t be a Yes Man (or woman). You don’t have to agree with everyone you come across. That’s the great thing about the online world. As long as you are respectful and have a valid point, people will want to hear your opinion.

Don’t Just Retweet, Add to it!

Don’t just mindlessly retweet stuff. That won’t work, or at least not quite as well. When you retweet someone’s stuff, add a comment along with the Retweet. It shows that you’ve put thought in and have taken the time to look at the source you are retweeting. A little extra thought means a lot to your readers, and they are more likely to trust your retweets. Building this kind of trust is essential for turning Twitter followers into buyers down the road.


With that being said, you can easily build a following over the weekend, with just a little effort and forethought on your part. Plan out your strategy, plan your posts ahead of time, and genuinely engage with people to build a following of highly engaged people. Then, when it’s time to promote something of your own, your audience will be much more receptive to your message.