How to do social media marketing for business with a Smartphone

by Jan 15, 2018Marketing, Social Media

Social Media Marketing from your Smartphone

I’m a business owner, so I know every day is a struggle, You have to balance so many different things when it comes to running your business, You’re wearing so many hats, that it might seem like your job is never done. Sometimes it seems like there’s not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. One of the things in the back of everybody’s mind is reaching new customers with social media marketing. You might think it takes hours to do each day, but it really doesn’t.

The trick lies in the apps you use

A lot of us would argue that it is a pain to log into each social media platform and post something. What if I told you that you didn’t have to do that! The trick lies in using an app that brings all of your social media accounts together in one place. Here’s the two that I would recommend:



Buffer has been around for quite some time. One thing I like about it is that it enables you to curate other people’s content This is something that you should be doing along with promoting your own content. Your own content should be 20% of what you put out on your social media platforms. Otherwise., it would be like someone standing on a street corner shouting “Me me me! Look at me!” and pointing to themselves. Buffer brings together Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, so that you can promote your content in all of those places at one time.



Hootsuite is another social media at that I’ve been using for a couple of years, Not only can you post your content to all of your social media accounts at once, but you can see all of your social media feeds, too. This gives you a birds eye view of your audience and the people you’re following. It can give you a leg up over the competition when it comes to getting the latest scoop on industry news.

The one thing that both of these apps have in common is that you can schedule social media posts ahead of time. If you’re looking at efficiency, you can sit down and schedule the week’s most important posts at once. Then, you can supplement those essential posts with other posts that are more personal and less promotional. At the very least, you would be posting the important things that people need or would want to know.

Post Ideas you can handle from your phone

  • Take a photo of what you’re working on that day and post it on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Record a short video featuring yourself or the workplace, with a short message to your audience.
  • Use a tool like Crello, or Canva to create a message with nice graphics. The message can be a tip or a quick promotional message.
  • Share a resource in your industry that might be helpful to your audience.
  • Post a photo or video of a business or industry event that you’re attending.

The point is that you can engage with your audience in just a few minutes each day. You can do this during your commute, while waiting to start a meeting, or at the beginning of each day. The important thing is to be active and connect with your audience. Remember to mix things up a little bit, and keep it fresh. make your audience want to check out what you’re doing next.