The Importance of An Ongoing Social Media Strategy

by Sep 21, 2017Marketing

If you really want to success in bringing in new business, you need to do 3 things well. You need to conquer online search, social media, and the traditional method of word of mouth. Those 3 things will help your business to grow and spread the word. The main focus in this post will be building a solid social media strategy. You’ll learn why this is so important, and how you can start today. You can see from the infographic below, social media marketing can expose you to a huge audience.

Social Media Active Users

Social media marketing is a self multiplier

What I mean by that is that you can create something great on social media, such as an interesting slide show, or a quick video. If people find it interesting enough, they will share it over and over again, marketing your business for you. Sure, businesses have the dream of going viral, which means it gets tens, even hundreds of thousands of shares. However, your focus should just be on getting a few hundred. If it gets more, that’s great, but it isn’t as likely.

This is different from an online search because no one shares your search results. You don’t get additional traffic because someone saw your ad and shared it. However, you can boost a post on Facebook, for example, and reach a lot of people you wouldn’t reach organically. The more people that see it, the likelier it is that you’ll get more shares.

Brand Everything You Put Out

You want your logo and branding on everything you put out. When you share something, you want your audience to know where it came from. It also makes it tougher for your competition to steal it. Post your logo or your website url somewhere on social media graphics, and at the beginning or end of videos you make and share. If you need help with something like this, you might hire a social media marketing company to help you to accomplish this effortlessly.

Create Content Regularly

You should be putting out content on a regular basis on your social media channels. You don’t have to create it all yourself. In fact, you can curate other people’s content and drive traffic back to yourself. You’ll be seen as someone who stays up to date on current events in your industry, adding to your authority.

social media strategy graphic

Mix Different types of Content in For Best Results

If you share the same thing all of the time, people will get bored with what you’re doing and your shares will decrease. You can share all types of media such as videos, GIFs, photos, quotes, blog and news posts from other sources, and more.

Tips for sharing other content sources

  • You can leverage other people’s good content to take the pressure off of constantly having to churn out content on your own. There are some things to remember that will help you get the best results.
  • Don’t just share a link to a blog or news post. Ask a question or add your own 2 cents around the link.
  • Remind people where the link share came from by using a service like Sniply to add a graphic that links back to your website.
  • A small boost , as little as $5 to your Facebook posts will make sure more people see it, increasing the chance for more shares and engagement.
  • Think before you post. Don’t post memes or GIFS that might upset your audience.
  • Don’t slander your competition or reference them at all. It will actually make you look like the bad guy or gal, and hurt you in the long run.
  • People enjoy funny posts or things that are positive. If you are positive, you’ll create a positive vibe with your audience in their minds. There’s already enough negativity out there to go around. Don’t add to it.

Social Traffic and Activity helps with Search Rankings

Google doesn’t express how much it is a factor, but it has been made clear that they like to see social activity on your website. Also, think of every post, as well as every social media profile as being a quality backlink to your website. It is a natural way to build links to your business website. Your social media strategy is just a part of a larger marketing plan.

Respond to Comments and Interact

You never know who’s on the other end of the monitor. It could be the owner of a large business in your area. They could be that connection you need to get your foot in the door with a big business in town. Don’t take these interactions for granted. Watch what you say, and be active. When someone comments, keep the conversation going, if possible. People like to see that your business cares about its customers and its audience.

Always Evaluate and Re-evaluate your Social Media Strategy

A solid social media strategy should be an ever-changing entity that leverages the latest trends in good business. Social media platforms are always coming up with new features to help you engage with your audience. Use these features, and don’t be afraid to be the 1st one to do it. You never know what could end up being a big hit.