Modern Web Design Elements To Use in a Great Business Website

by Sep 15, 2017Marketing


What Are Modern Web Design Elements?

With web design trends constantly changing, it seems tough to keep up with the latest things to integrate into your website. My focus in on modern web design elements that never get old. These elements focus on clarity and user experience, over flashy features. Let’s explore this in more detail. You’ll learn what features to use in your website for the most longevity possible.

Simple Navigation

It’s a bad idea to have a complicated navigation menu for your website. You shouldn’t bury important pages in hidden menus. At the same time, you have to make sure not to include every single page in your top-level navigation. It is a good idea to break things down into secondary and even tertiary information.

Tap To Call Feature For Mobile Devices

There’s nothing worse than doing a mobile search for something, and having to jump through hoops just to be able to call them on the phone. If I am out walking around, or I am in transit, I don’t want to have to click and click to find where your number is. I shouldn’t have to remember it or copy and paste it. I should be able to tap it and have it go straight to a phone call with them.

large typography - Modern web design elements

Large, Bold Typography

Typography in general is important on your website. However, large and bold typography will get your visitors attention. Don’t make your entire website out of giant type. On the other hand, you can use large type to make an impact where it is necessary.


The key to minimalism is to strip away all unnecessary elements in your design. Take away everything that you don’t need, and keep only the things that have a purpose. This is important, because a lot of times those extra embellishments only detract from the actual messaging. Having a web design expert to help you with these things may be necessary.

Forms & Data Collection

Forms and data collection are essential for building a long term relationship with your visitors. Also, it enables them to connect with you and give you feedback. Forms are getting better and better. It’s getting easier to get visitors to fill out their data. You can use this data later to appeal to them personally, which is more effective for closing sales.

vintage modern web design elements


Space is one of the most important modern web design elements on its own. Remember when people use to cram everything they could on one web page? Better design begins with ample space for all items on the page. See the example above, even though it’s in a vintage style, it has a modern flair to it.


Contrast is huge, especially for call to actions. Bolder colors and contrasting elements are  important for helping visitors to see and do what you want them to. You immediate get their attention and you get better results. Just remember to a/b test to see which colors work better.

Do you have any suggestions about what modern web design elements are great for websites? The examples above are a great start to taking your website in a modern direction.