The Top 3 Places To Get Your Design Printed

by Jul 13, 2015Graphic Design, Marketing, Web design


Where to Get Your Design Printed

One of the most frequent questions I hear from other designs, as well as clients themselves is “Where’s the best place to have your work printed?” My answer is always the same. There are 3 majors sites where I have my client’s work printed. The choice among those three is what it is I am having printed. I’ll recommend the top 3 print shops to have your design printed.


Got Print

I’d never heard of Got Print, until I went searching for the most competitively priced business cards. Keep in mind I bought mine at a special promotional price at the time, but I was able to have 2000 glossy business cards printed and shipped for around $20-$30 (It’s been a while).

The quality was impeccable, and I received them sooner than I expected. They print just about everything under the sun, from business cards and brochures, to posters and window-clings.

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Get your design printed at VistaPrint

Vista Print

Vista Print is a close second in my book. They deliver quality products, but depending on their specials, things like glossy coating can be noticeably more expensive. However, they are still competitively priced compared to others. Due to their volume, they can offer better prices than your local print shop. The savings can still be apparent, even after paying to have your design printed.

They offer a wide variety of products, including screen printing on t-shirts. They also offer all of the traditional print products and services you’d expect.

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PSPrint - Get Your design printed


PSPrint is another top contender for printing services. What I like from the get-go is the fact that the first thing you see on their site is what’s on sale at that time. You get to see how much you’re saving, too.

PsPrint is focused on everything print. Many other print shops are trying to branch out with digital services, but PSPrint is mostly printing services. You can even have specialty printing done, such as die cuts and foil stamping. I’m sure they are offered on the other sites, but it isn’t emphasized.

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Overall, my favorite is GotPrint. They have quality products and services at great prices. Turn around time is quick, and their entire ordering system is easy to use. It’s a good idea to shop around and find the price that is right for you. You paid for a professional design, so it’s important to get your design printed from someone who will provide a quality product.