Unlocking Instagram Business Profiles For Success

by Aug 4, 2016Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media, Web design

Instagram business profiles

Many businesses thrive from using Instagram. I’ve seen businesses grow from a small entity to a social powerhouse overnight with Instagram. It’s more than just fun photos. It’s a way to show your work, your office, your staff, and your overall company culture. It’s a way of showing the personality of your business and your employees. As with anything, Instagram has made some changes recently, adding business profiles. I’ll show you how to take your current Instagram profiles and convert them into a Instagram Business Profiles.

Instagram Connects to your Facebook Page

If you don’t have a Facebook business page, it’s important that you go ahead and set it up. Make sure all of the fields are filled out on your Facebook Business page. Information like your address and phone number will be carried over to your Instagram business account.

Setting Up Instagram Business Profiles

From your Instagram account, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the app. If you scroll to the bottom of the options on this page, you’ll find an option that says “switch to Instagram Business Profile.” Click on this option and it will ask to connect to your Facebook account. Then it will ask what Facebook page (if you have multiple like I do) that you want to connect to. Click on the correct Facebook page.

A Few Minor Differences

Now that you’re connected, you should notice a few minor differences. Now, your location is visible to others. Another thing that you should note is that anyone who sees your profile can now call or text you. You can change these options any time within the settings.

Who is this for?

Instagram business profiles are best for anyone who provides services to people or businesses. If you’re a doctor, lawyer, web designer, real estate agent, etc., and you rely on phone calls and working personally with clients, an Instagram business profile is a good choice for you.

Insights: Stats For Instagram

Setting up Your Business Profile For Instagram will enable you to access stats on your posts. You’ll see info about your followers, as well as your top posts. You’ll see a detailed graph of your posts impressions, including when you received the most impressions. You’ll also see the number of clicks to your website, which will tell you how many people are going to your website from Instagram.

Need Help With Social Media?

Need help with your Instagram business profiles? I am a Knoxville Web Designer, but I also work remotely and virtually with businesses all over the United States. I mix together web design, social media marketing, SEO & more to help businesses large and small to reach their ideal customers.