How Web Design Packages Work

by Mar 6, 2017Marketing

Web Design Packages

What if I told you that you could save a lot of money on your website’s overall costs with web design packages?

I know that it sounds strange. I am a web designer, telling you how to save money when building a website. The truth is, I’d rather you buy an entire web design and development package from me, rather than having me to create a single part of it.

Why would I care? The truth of the matter is, there are several reasons why I would want you to choose from my website design packages, instead of ordering things separately. But here’s the thing…

It has nothing to do with me making more money off of individual services. In reality, I make more money handling everything myself, and offering you a good deal at the same time. Here are a few reasons why:

  • I don’t have to go behind someone else and try to fix their work.
  • I have complete control over the entire project from start to finish.
  • I don’t end up being the middle man between other parties and my client.
  • I can work faster and more efficiently.

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It Comes From Experience

The factors mentioned above creates an environment where I can streamline the entire process. This is essential for me having the ability to offer the client competitive pricing, while still running a profitable business.

Why are web design packages so favorable for me?

Think about it. Every web designer and developer does things differently. Not all of them do things right. If things are poorly done, I have to go in, investigate, and fix them. That takes me more time than if I created things from scratch myself.

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Breaking Down Website Packages

So here’s where we get into how things break down. The important thing to note is that website packages always differ, depending on the project. I price every project differently. Every single project is different. However, there are a few common types of websites, like small business or startup websites. A good example would be for a website that is supposed to be a brochure website, focused purely on providing information.

I could never charge for a small 5-7 page website what I would for a 10-20 page website, or a website that has special features or functionality. Smaller websites usually have smaller package options, such as the construction of the actual website and hosting it.

For larger websites, or websites for startups, they usually require more. Startups almost always require a logo. Sometimes they require product or facility photos, depending on what the business is. It’s hard to say what most of these projects will cost, because like I stated above, every project is different. Every business needs something different. It’s my job to figure out and understand everything they need, and deliver it for a fair price.

The best way is explain this is a case study. Let’s say a business needs a logo, a website, and a short promo video. I would put everything together as a package deal. If I build a new website for a client, I always factor in on-page SEO. It is a must for search engine visibility, and most businesses leave this step out. I would roll all of this into one good, solid, cost effective price.

Why would I do this? Everybody wins! I land a medium to large client, and build a strong business relationship with them. They win, because they get a mobile friendly website, with professional graphics, copy writing, on-page SEO and a custom logo, and they get it for a much better price than a big agency would give them. This is the power of good website design packages. A web designing quote can save most businesses a lot of money.


Web site design packages are essential to growing businesses. It saves them money by rolling everything into one large package. Web design packages for startups is a must for keeping costs down, without sacrificing quality and effectiveness. If you need a website package for your business, I’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re a startup, or you’ve been established for years, I can give you website design quotes that are fair and cost effective for your business.