Why I Have Used Dreamweaver For Web Design For Years

by Aug 8, 2016Graphic Design, Marketing, Web design


Why I Have Used Dreamweaver For Web Design For Years

Dreamweaver for Web Design?

Some people love it, and some people really hate it. It really depends on your preference, and your style of working. When I first started in web design over ten years ago, I wanted to make it as easy as possible. I wanted something that would help me make websites. I wanted to be able to click a couple of buttons or sift through a couple of menus and build a feature in seconds. I wanted to share why I’ve used Dreamweaver for web design for years.

It’s Use for Me is Fleeting

I don’t use Dreamweaver as much as I used to. I can definitely admit that, but I do still use it for working on html websites. I like and understand the FTP functionality, and I like the interface. The biggest reason is probably because I am used to it. I have built an entire system for finding files and working with them, so it has always been integrated with my workflow.

The Search Feature

I have always loved Dreamweaver’s search feature. I can hit Command or Ctrl+F at any time to bring up a find and replace window. Then,  can make a few different, but distinct selections. I have always liked how you can easy narrow or broaden your search within a document.

I can look for a phrase or a chunk of code within the current document I am working on, a specific folder, or the entire site. Trust me, when you’re working on a huge site, Dreamweaver is extremely handy.

I always liked Dreamweaver’s Template Setup

I am big on saving time and making things as streamlined and efficient as possible. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I fell in love with WordPress websites. However, way before I ever even knew of WordPress, Dreamweaver had a template feature where you could lock certain areas as template pages, and you could build new pages based off of those template pages. This was incredible, because once you edited the original template and saved it, you could update it across the entire site.

Dreamweaver Code Helpers Saved My Early Web Design Life

It was tough going from visual graphic design to designing with code. At first, I had a tough time with it. Dreamweaver helped me to understand the code, and to get it right. This is how I understood html, CSS, and how the 2 worked together. This brings me to my next point.

Design View

I really loved it when they implemented this feature. I am a visual person, so trying to imagine and build something in code just didn’t work with me at first. It was awesome to be able to flip back and forth between code view and design view, to see how things were coming. As I got better, design view also made it quick and easy to run through a document and make minor changes, like a word here and a word there.

Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks Worked So Well Together

That’s right, I started during the time when these 3 were in their hay day. They were the top choices for building a professional, graphically beautiful website. If you weren’t building with Flash, you were a nobody. Now, no one will touch Flash for web design. Although, I did see some pretty amazing stuff built in Flash and 3D. I just really liked how you could save and export items from Photoshop or Fireworks and open it up in Dreamweaver. I got started during the time where tables were prominent. What a nightmare!

Final Thoughts

I appreciate you taking the time to take a trip down memory lane with me. Typically, I don’t even crank open Dreamweaver anymore. I build sites out of WordPress. Occasionally I might have the job of editing an existing website built traditionally in html, but I still pop open Dreamweaver for web design, make my edits, and re-upload the edited document, making the page live. What do you use to develop your websites?